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5 Powerful shortcuts for when working with Google Drive

Author Name : Shivansh Arora     |     Date : 02-06-2023
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When cloud storage wasn't an option, one of the main problems was data storage. It was challenging to preserve all the files optimally due to the ongoing corruption of hard drives and the high maintenance costs of offline servers. However, if you take a look at how things are now, businesses and organisations employ Google Drive and other cloud storage choices to keep their data safe. Google Drive is advantageous for businesses since it offers users simple access and sharing options.
Working with Google Drive may only be for the purpose of storing music, video, and photo files for frequent users. However, many organisations use GDrive to store their crucial files, documents, and other items connected to their job. It necessitates frequent movement and access. By giving you quicker access to your files, GDrive shortcuts ensure that you can increase the effectiveness of your work. Shortcuts for Google Drive, such as copy-paste, sharing, navigation, MacOS activities, and others, ensure that you can complete the task in a short amount of time.

  1. Selection of Items
  • Select or deselect item – x
  • Select next item down – j, Down arrow
  • Select next item up – k, Up arrow
  • Select next item to the left – h, Left arrow
  • Select next item to the right – l, Right arrow
  • Extend selection down – Shift + Down arrow
  • Extend selection up – Shift + Up arrow
  • Extend selection left – Shift + Left arrow
  • Extend selection right – Shift + Right arrow
  • Select all visible items – Shift + a
  • Clear all selections – Shift + n

 2 Actions On Selected Items

  • Open file – Press Enter or O
  • Rename – Press n
  • Share the file – Press . (dot)
  • Move to a new folder – Press z
  • Star/Unstar the file – Press s
  • Add the file to an additional folder – Press Shift and then z
  • Remove the files –
    • For Chrome, Press # or Alt+Backspace
    • For Windows, Press # or delete
    • For Mac, Press # or Fn+Delete
  • To undo the last action – Press control+z on windows and command+z on Mac

 3. Create New Files

  • Google doc – Press shift and then t
  • Presentation file – Press shift and then p
  • Spreadsheet file – Press shift and then s
  • Drawing file – Press shift and then d
  • New Folder – Press shift and then f
  • Google Form – Press shift and then o

 4. Shortcut for Opening Menus

  • To create menu – Press c
  • For more actions menu – Press a
  • Current folder actions menu – Press f
  • For sort menu – Press r
  • For settings – Press t

5. Shortcut For Preview Mode Actions

  • Close – Esc
  • Play/Pause – Space
  • Zoom in - + or =