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why go Vegan?

Author Name : Rhythm Sharma     |     Date : June 02, 2023
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Vegan- Is it a trend or a necessity? 

What if someone harms you but you don’t have any right to raise your voice against them, how would you feel, does it hurt? We all know that this is against moral values and principles of equality. But yes, we are humans (most advanced species), so we have the right to kill and eat the animals, by producing them in the slaughterhouse and kept them in a cage for their whole small life just because they are helpless
Is that really necessary to have the animal product in the diet? According to the studies, the answer is no because as a human being we can get all the nutrients of the body from plant foods. So here we completely lose the argument that animal products are important for our health. Some of the other sophistry given by the people are “they eat animals to control their population”, “they eat animals because it's in their tradition”, “they say that animals didn’t face any cruelty due to this”, “they say that plants are living too so it is equal”, “they say that the taste of meat is better” many more. To give the answers of these sophistry I must say that the current population of the human world is 8 billion approximately, so as per this data do, we really need to control the population of ANIMALS. In answer with the second argument I would say that the traditions must not be followed at the cost of the cruelty and death and for those who said that the animals do not face any cruelty, then they must visit the slaughterhouse once in their life then they will realize the truth, for the another argument I add up that yes plants are also living but do not have the Central nervous system to feel the pain, and for the last argument I just prefer to be silent because as a human we can't give the reason of taste to torture and kill someone. 
It is not necessary to kill someone with this cruelty just to fulfill the hunger even when there are better options in the environment. They are also living beings and we should love each other and give the freedom to everyone to live freely. It’s the time to release all the stress from the lives of those innocent animals and give them the love they deserve. {This is what humanity is}.            Being an animal lover doesn’t mean having the cats and dogs as pets in the house but also protecting the cows, pigs, goats and all the animals. As per my own idea, I think the most necessary step of this so-called advanced species is to protect the other creatures of the world. It can be started from now and anyone can experience the peace of having plant-based food by saving the loving animals.

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