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Delhi woman loses around Rs 1 lakh after ordering food online, here is what happened?

Author Name : Harish bairagi     |     Date : 02-06-2023
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Sometimes we are scammed easily due to freebies, discounts by scammers. A 40-year-old woman who is working in a bank as a senior executive was scammed of 1 lac rupee by scammers. A woman bank employee revealed that her friend told her about an offer on a food thali, buy one, get-one free," on Facebook. The lady tried to use the offer and scammed. The scammer made unauthorised transactions of Rs 40000 and Rs 50000 through woman’s credit card on Paytm.

What is the full news?

  • A woman from south Delhi's credit card had Rs 90,000 deducted from it.
  • trying to avail offers while discovering food online.
  • The money was transferred from her credit cards to her Paytm account, and after that, money was transferred to the scammer's account via Paytm.

Savita Sharma is a senior executive at a bank. When she informed about offer then she decided to get more details by call but call not answered after few minutes she has been received call back and advised to login via user-id and password which was provided by scammer. She said that the caller gave her a link and said that to login for take advantage of this offer, you have to download an application.

Savita Sharma downloaded the app after clicking the link, thinking it was an authentic offer given that the restaurant was a well-known brand of South Indian food in Delhi. woman was advised to redeem the offer of famous SagarRatna restaurant but as soon as she entered in the ID and password in downloaded app, her smartphone was hacked and controlled remotely, after its total money of Rs 40,000 was taken from her bank account.

The user ID and password were then typed. she suddenly lost control of her phone after doing that. It was compromised, and after that I got a notice saying Rs 40,000 had been taken out of my account. Sharma then got a second transaction alert a short while later, informing her that this time Rs 50,000 had been taken out of her account. Scammer used woman’s Credit card and Paytm to transfer money in her account.

The woman immediately banned her card and went to the police station after receiving so many texts. This is not the first. Such incidents have happened in the past. if you wish to prevent these frauds. do not give personal information with strangers or click on any links. According to media news consumers have lost thousands of rupees in the same food delivery scam incidents that have been reported from different locations around the nation.