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Hazardous Accident of 3 trains near Balasore.

Author Name : Aman Dadhich     |     Date : 10-06-2023
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On the 2nd of June a hazardous accident between the 3 trains occurred near the city of Balasore. Two passenger trains, one is Coromandel Express whose Railway train number is 12841 and    SMVT Bengaluru–Howrah SF Express whose train number is 12864, collided after an initial collision involving a goods train near the Bahanaga Bazar railway station.
In this hazardous accident that was occurred in the Balasore still there is no count of the died peoples but the approximate count till now is 288 and more than 1200 peoples were injured inn this accident. It is one of the deadliest Accident in the history of the Indian railway as the last deadliest accident was the one happened in 2004 that was Gaisal train disaster.
In evening around the twilight time at 7:00 PM Both the train’s collision was happened on the Howrah–Chennai Main Line near Bahanaga Bazar in Balasore district in the eastern state of Odisha. There was one more train that was involved in this hazardous accident in the history of Indian Railways and the good thing was that thew 3rd train was a goods train so there was no injury in that train as it was on the 2nd track line to the Coromandel Express.

Figure 1: Diagram showing the collisions of the 3 trains
The coromandel Express has received the signals from the above to move on the main line to the Chennai but due to the negligence of the Track workers, someone has switched the track to the loop line where the train of the goods was staying. And due to the switching of the lines the train got to be collided with the Goods train which was stayed there. The speed of Coromandel Express was more than 100km/h during the time of Collision.
Due to the high-speed collision the Engine of Coromandel Express got over the goods train and the 22 coaches of the train got de railed and approximately 3 derailed coaches got to the parallel track where the Bengaluru-Howrah SF Express was passing and the coaches got collided with the last 3 coaches of the Bengaluru-Howrah SF Express.<
Recently, Our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi have visited the accident site and took a look over the hazardous incident himself. And the CMs of Odisha and Tamil Nadu has declared the day as the day of Mourning.