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IPL Playoffs: which 4 teams would clinch their playoff berth

Author Name : Shivansh Arora     |     Date : 02-06-2023
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As the Indian Premier League 2023 season draws closer to its conclusion, fans and pundits alike are eagerly anticipating the playoffs. With several top teams vying for a spot in the final four, it's anyone's guess as to which clubs will ultimately clinch their playoff berth. Here, we take a closer look at the four teams that are most likely to secure their place in the next round.

  1. Gujarat Titans – Leading the points table with 16 points in 12 matches they have played, but not yet secured a playoff spot. They need least one win for playoffs and a top two finish. Risk of dropping NRR if they lose last two games, impacting their chances.
  2. Chennai Super Kings – CSK have 15 points in 13 matches. They are not yet assured of qualification they must win last game or depend on other results for a top four finish. Chance of finishing third without adding to their points tally if other results go their way.
  3. Mumbai Indians - MI have won last of their 2 games both were played at their home ground and their next match is at Wankhede Stadium two wins guarantee a top two finish Qualification depends on other results if they finish on 16 points.
  4. Lucknow Super Giants - LSG need to win both matches for assured qualification can qualify if they lose one match depending on other results. Risk of elimination if they lose both games.
  5. Royal Challengers Bangalore - RCB impressive win against RR has given them a major NRR boost making them contenders for a playoff spot, if they lose one match and stay on 14 points, they need favourable results for a spot.
  6. Rajasthan Royals – Royals NRR dropped heavily after their recent defeat. Qualification depends upon on winning last game and other results aligning in their favor. Best chance if RCB, LSG and PBKS lose their matches.
  7. Punjab Kings – PBKS are in contention for top four finish, but need help from other teams and substantial victories due to low NRR, battle for one spot if they lose a game.
  8. Kolkata Knight Riders – KKR has a slim chance for a top four finish with 14 points, they must win last game and depend on other results also their NRR is a also a concern.
  9. Sunrises Hyderabad – SRH are struggling at ninth position but with three games in hand winning all of them puts them in contention for 14 points depends on other results, NRR is lowest among teams must focus on margin of victory.
  10. Delhi Capitals – DC is the first team to be eliminated from the IPL 2023 after their loss against PBKS.