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Is cricket top sport currently in India?

Author Name : Aman Dadhich     |     Date : 07-06-2023
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In the Current generation there are so many sports to be played globally. Some of the sports are Soccer, Cricket, Badminton and many more. According to the current scenario the Cricket is one of the top sports in this world. As now a days so many cricket leagues are being played by the players across the world. The hype of cricket is just equal to soccer now a days. As the Cricket World Cup is one of the biggest tournament now a days in the world of sport rather not as much hyped as of FIFA world cup but can be compared so.

Figure 1: Virat Playing Shot
Cricket was originated as a sport in the England. And obviously, was played in England. After that Australia also started playing the English Sport. Now our country INDIA is also one of the popular team in the cricket. As right now India is ranked No. 1 in the ICC Test Team Rankings. And also in the top 3 of the ICC T20I rankings. In ODIs also India is in top 5 in the world rankings. There are many reasons why cricket has become so popular. For one thing, this game is incredibly dynamic, with batsmen running between the wickets and bowlers spinning the ball at high speeds. Additionally, cricket is a strategic game, with players having to make quick decisions on the fly in order to succeed.

The cricket is popular in India because of the Indian Premier League. IPL is one of the richest league of the cricket in the world. There are so many leagues of the cricket in the world as some of the leagues are also famous like Australian League Big Bash League (BBL), and CPL of West Indies. It became more popular in India when India first won the world cup in 1983. After that win cricket became popular in India as well as favorite sport of the Indians. After this, India won the T20 world cup in 2007 that also increased the popularity of the sport. After this IPL was introduced in India which also bring the T-20 cricket in the regularity as well .So, by all these Things we discussed above we can say that Cricket is the popular sport in India as well the comparable sport to the soccer.