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Netflix Starts to Crack Down on Password Sharing in the US.

Author Name : Harish bairagi     |     Date : 01-06-2023
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The biggest streaming provider in the world, Netflix, has said that it will strictly follow its policy on password sharing. The company has long ignored the practice, but there is currently increasing temptation for it to take action.In the US and the UK, Netflix has finally started its crackdown on password sharing.Password sharing is the practice of a Netflix subscriber allowing another person to access their account. Giving them the login credentials or revealing the password can do this.Over 100 million of Netflix's users, according to this estimate of the company , share their passwords with persons who don't live in their home. As a result, Netflix is missing out on a significant amount of potential revenue.

Here is all the information you might require on the most recent change to the Netflix password sharing policies.
Customers in the US were advised by Netflix that their account was solely for them and their home. Users who are using the streaming service with a pirated password will receive alerts from Netflix requesting that they create new accounts. According to rumors, Netflix is going to use account activity, device IDs, and IP addresses to identify members of the "Netflix Household." However, it is still unknown how members of the same household who live in various places would be affected.
Netflix plans in US Netflix offers four streaming plans in the USA: Basic with Ads, Basic, Standard, and Premium. The prices range from $6.99 to $19.99 per month, and the number of screens you can watch on at a time varies from one to four. You can also add an extra member slot to any plan for $7.99 per month. The extra member slot feature is new. It was announced in March 2023 and applicable in only the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom.

The effects of Netflix's crackdown on password sharing

The streaming business will stand to be significantly impacted by Netflix's crackdown on password sharing. The same issue also affects other streaming services. If Netflix is successful in minimizing password sharing, other streaming providers could decide to follow the same. This may make it harder for users to share their passwords with relatives and friends and, as a result, raise the cost of streaming subscriptions.
Additionally, the crackdown by Netflix on password sharing may boost piracy. People can turn to piracy if they are unable to legally get Netflix material. Long term, this may harm Netflix's company.  However, it might result in a big rise in income if Netflix is effective in limiting password sharing. The long-term effects of Netflix's crackdown on password sharing will be interesting to watch.