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New US Green Card Rules Open Doors for Indian Tech Workers

Author Name : Bhavya Bagga     |     Date : 29-06-2023
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Recently, the US government changed the rules for getting a Green Card, making it easier for thousands of Indian tech workers to apply for permanent status in the US. The Green Card is a legal document that lets people from other countries live and work in the United States forever. Now, let's look at the new rules that can help many Indians reach the American Dream.

Most of the time, the Green Card is given out because of family ties or job interests. There are three types of family preference: married children of US citizens and their partners, unmarried children over 21 who are the children of US citizens who are not married, and siblings of US citizens. On the other hand, choices based on employment are split into different groups, such as priority workers, professionals with advanced degrees or special skills, and skilled workers.

The EB1A or "priority worker" group is one of the most important changes to the Green Card's eligibility requirements. It lets foreigners apply for a Green Card without their employer's sponsorship. This means that the person can write on their own behalf, which makes the process easier to use and faster. The USCIS looks at the petitioner's accomplishments and outstanding skills in different areas, such as the arts, sports, science, business, education, and medicine.

Another way that more Indian tech workers can now apply for a Green Card is through the EB2 visa, which is for people who can show they are very good at something, like science, business, sports, the arts, or teaching. People with higher degrees can also get this type of visa. India has the most skilled workers of any country in the world, so this change is a big relief for many Indian experts.

Since the 2020 US Presidential Elections, there have been changes to US immigration policy, such as loosening limits on legal immigration and making it easier to get a Green Card. Because of the new rules, the number of people hoping to get a Green Card is going down, and the time it takes to get one is getting shorter.The new rules could help the thousands of Indian tech workers who come to the US on H-1B visas every year. The H-1B visa is a famous way for foreign professionals in specialized jobs to work in the US for a certain amount of time. But the H-1B visa is only good for a short time, and the person who has it can't stay in the US if their company doesn't pay for it. With the new Green Card rules, people with an H-1B visa can now apply for permanent residency without the help of their workplace.

In conclusion, the rules for getting a US Green Card have been changed, making it easier for more Indian tech workers to apply for permanent status in the US. Because of the new rules, the delay is getting shorter and the time it takes to get a Green Card is getting shorter. With the American Dream becoming easier to reach, many Indians can now build their lives in the US and work in its huge tech industry. As the world becomes more connected, policies that allow skilled workers to move across borders will become more important for the success and growth of whole economies.