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No bike-taxi in Delhi for now as Supreme Court stays HC order

Author Name : Shivansh Arora     |     Date : 27-06-2023
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The Supreme Court has put a temporary halt on the operations of bike-taxi aggregators in Delhi after staying the High Court order. This means that popular bike-taxi services like Rapido and Uber cannot ply on the roads of Delhi until further notice. A vacation bench consisting of Justices Aniruddha Bose and Rajesh Bindal granted the two aggregators to request an urgent hearing of their plea by the Delhi High Court.

The decision has come as a surprise to many who saw this as a relief to the ongoing struggles with public transportation in Delhi. The High Court had essentially allowed bike-taxi aggregators to operate in the city by asking the Delhi government not to take any coercive action against them until a new policy was formulated. This move was expected to provide a more affordable means of travel to citizens, especially those who cannot afford to take taxis or other forms of transportation.

However, the Supreme Court's decision indicates that they have concerns over the current lack of regulation of bike-taxis in Delhi. While they have not given any specific reasons for their decision, it has been speculated that they are concerned about the safety of passengers riding on bikes in a city with heavy traffic and chaotic road conditions.

This is certainly a setback for bike-taxi aggregators like Rapido and Uber who were hoping to gain a foothold in the Delhi market. But it is important to note that this decision is only temporary. The two aggregators can still appeal for an urgent hearing of their plea before the Delhi High Court, and it is possible that the court may come up with a solution that allows them to operate within the city in a way that ensures the safety of passengers.

It is also worth noting that the Supreme Court's decision highlights the need for regulation of bike-taxis in Delhi. With the increasing demand for affordable transportation options, it is crucial that the government develops a policy that not only regulates bike-taxis but also ensures the safety of passengers who use them. The Supreme Court's decision to stay the High Court order and prevent bike-taxi aggregators from operating in Delhi for now may be disappointing to many. However, it also highlights the need for regulation and safety in the transportation sector. We hope that the Delhi government takes this opportunity to develop a policy that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders while also providing citizens with affordable and safe transportation options.

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