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Top 7 methods of marketing of your business

Author Name : Aman Dadhich     |     Date : 08-06-2023
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1.      Flyers distribution
It is the one of the best method of cheap marketing. As you have to just print a pamphlet of your business showing some of the key points related to your business, photos of the product that you are selling and post it to all the mailboxes in your reach.
 2.      Posters of your business
As some of the malls or the complexes makes a separate spaces for the advertising boards so you can paste your posters there for the public to know your business. This method is not the best but can help to growth the reach of customers to your shop or the you should choose a place where the crowd gathering is much in comparison to the others.

Figure 1: Top 7 methods of Marketing
3.      Key points of your business
If you are starting a new business then to make it a successful in a short period of time you can use the things like giving guarantees on your products, giving discount to the who visits your enterprise regularly, also you can launch coupons of reward for the repeat customers.
4.      Referral services can be used
 It is also a good method of marketing of the business as if your existing customer will give a reference to the other person to buy the product from your shop or enterprise then the existing customer will get extra discount on the purchase.
 5.      Customer satisfaction
It is one of the important part of marketing as customer is the one who can make or break your business. As customer is the individual who buys your product and if your customer service will be good then customer itself will do the marketing of your business.  
6.      Cold Calls
 If your business is big then the cold calling is must for the marketing of the business. As, if your customer services calls regarding your product will be convincing then the customer will be eager to buy the product and your business will grow rapidly.
7.      Marketing on the digital platforms
the best method of marketing in the current scenario is the advertising of your product or business on the online social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many different platforms are there.