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United World Wrestling Condemns Detention of Indian Wrestlers, Threatens WFI With Suspension

Author Name : Shivansh Arora     |     Date : 13-06-2023
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Unhappy about the incarceration of Indian wrestlers who were peacefully demonstrating in Jantar Mantar, the United World Wrestling (UWW) recently expressed its displeasure. The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has been threatened with suspension by the UWW if elections aren't held within 45 days.
The Indian wrestling community, which has been severely impacted by the pandemic, is devastated by this news. In the wake of the pandemic, the WFI has been having difficulty holding its elections, and the UWW's threat of suspension has only made matters worse. The UWW has expressed its displeasure over how protesting wrestlers have been treated while closely following the situation in India. The group has demanded a comprehensive probe into the situation and urged the Indian government to take the necessary steps. According to the UWW, it is "deeply concerned" about the wrestlers' incarceration. In addition, the UWW stated that it was "disappointed" with the lack of development in the inquiry into the charges of sexual harassment.
The WFI has 45 days to hold new elections, according to the UWW. The UWW will suspend the WFI if new elections are not held by the WFI within the allotted time. The WFI's ban would have a significant effect on Indian wrestling. The WFI, which oversees the sport of wrestling in India, is in charge of planning regional, national, and international competitions. India wouldn't be able to compete in international wrestling competitions if the WFI was suspended.
The WFI has been given a very clear message by the UWW that it needs to act right away to solve the issues brought up by the Indian wrestlers. The UWW has given the WFI 45 days to organise its elections; if they are not, the national federation would be suspended. The UWW's stance on the issue demonstrates its dedication to the welfare of wrestlers around the world. By speaking out against the detention of Indian wrestlers,
the organisation is making it clear to other international federations that it would not stand for injustice towards wrestlers in any form. All national federations need to take notice and prioritise the needs of its athletes after the UWW denounced the incarceration of Indian wrestlers and threatened to suspend the WFI. The UWW should be an inspiration to other organisations across the world for its dedication to the security and welfare of wrestlers. The WFI must act quickly to resolve the issues brought up by the UWW and make sure that its elections are held in a fair and transparent way.