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Wrestlers still protesting to get the Justice

Author Name : Aman Dadhich     |     Date : 10-06-2023
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Protest by the wrestlers against the BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh is still going on as the athletes have not got any justice till now. The matter was that Brij Bhushan Singh was the former president of the Wrestling Federation Of India (WFI). The allegations made by the Female athletes are that he used to molest or harass the Women Athletes during his span as the President of WFI. This protest was started in January and still going on because of Injustice.
Firstly, the Wrestlers has protested in the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi in the starting month of the 2023 that is in January. There were more than 30 wrestlers included in that protest. The renowned wrestlers were  Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik, Anshu Malik, Bajrang Punia, among others and they staged a sit in front of Jantar Mantar to protest against the former president of WFI. When this protest was going on government announced to form a committee to look in to this case so then, Protest was called off by Wrestlers. The committee formed was not in favour of the Wrestlers so, they again begin their protest in April. And they were treated very badly by the Delhi Police as they were beaten by them.
Now in May, when there was the inauguration of new parliament of India was happening inside the doors of the New Parliament, the wrestlers reached there and started protesting against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, he was the president of Wrestling Federation of India and during his tenure in WFI he harassed the Women Athletes. They were detained by Delhi Police on 29th May and beaten by the Police and arrested. This behaviour with our Indian Wrestlers is not good as per the way they have served for the Indian Sports in Olympics.
After these incidents the wrestler have also recently decide to immerse their medals in the Ganga River and they were stopped by the farmer Politician and were taken back home. And currently after the meeting of Sakshi and Bajrang with Amit Shah, they both have re-joined their jobs in Indian railways. But Sakshi has cleared the rumours that they have not still withdraw the protest against Brij Bhushan Singh as they have not got justice yet.

The words of BJP MP on protest were: “You don't get justice from Jantar Mantar. If you want justice, you have to go to the police and the court. They never did that until now. Just kept abusing. We will accept whatever the court decides”