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PM Modi Assures Manipur's Peace and Development Amid No-Confidence Motion Victory

Author Name : Bhavya Bagga     |     Date : 17-08-2023
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Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the people of Manipur that they have the support of India and Parliament. He said that both the State government and the Central government are working hard to bring peace and progress back to Manipur. The Prime Minister gave this promise as his government won a vote of no-confidence, with the Opposition leaving the room during the vote.

The Opposition left because they were unhappy that Mr. Modi had not addressed their worries about Manipur even after 90 minutes of his two-hour speech. Prime Minister Modi spoke out about the violence in Manipur after the Opposition left. He said that crimes against women are wrong and that the Central and State governments are working together to make sure that the people who do these things get punished. He told the women of Manipur that he stands with them and that the country and Parliament are with them. He made it clear that the goal is to bring peace and progress back to the state.

While talking about the problems Manipur is having, Prime Minister Modi also said that many of the problems the state is facing now are not new. He said that these problems started with the Congress governments that ran Manipur before.

Prime Minister Modi criticized the Opposition for choosing which problems and people to care about. He said that a lot of what they do is because of politics. He talked about how much he cared about the northeastern part of India and how his government was working on building and development projects there.

Prime Minister Modi said that his government is committed to fixing Manipur's issues and that the problems in the state have their roots in the past. He said that the current government is really trying to find answers. In reaction to the criticisms of the Opposition, Prime Minister Modi attacked the Congress party very harshly. He brought up past events to show that it was the Congress government that had used force against its own people. He also went after the socialist groups that have joined forces with the Congress, pointing out that their ideas don't match up. In the end, Prime Minister Modi told the people of Manipur that his government is committed to bringing peace and progress to the state. He admitted that the problems had a long history and attacked the Opposition for being motivated by politics. Even though the Opposition left, his speech showed a strong commitment to helping Manipur and the northeastern area.