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Bengaluru landlord denied renting home to a man for scoring less in 12th class

Author Name : Harish Kumar bairagi     |     Date : 06-06-2023
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It is hard to find a rental property in metro cities and capital cities due to extreme demand. Somehow, this is true today, finding a rental property is hard. Bangalore city is known for being the IT hub and startup hub of India, where Top Notch IT professionals of India live. It has very expensive homes and apartments. Everyone knows that finding a home in big cities with affordable prices and suitable locations is a very challenging task today. After some time, landlords have gotten an overview of these market conditions and demands. They have become very smart and cautious now.Landlords create a list of conditions just when you think you've got the ideal apartment, breaking your hopes.
So today i wrote a blog on How a landlord refused to rent a home to a man in Bengaluru city.

Screenshots from the WhatsApp chat between Brijesh and a broker called Yogesh have become popular online.The broker informs him, and will now need certain documents, among them the aadhar card , pan card, 10th and 12th marksheets. But things didn't stop there. On behalf of the owner, the broker requested a brief introduction. They demand the job letter, college information where tenants graduated, some questions about LinkedIn , twitter  and other social media account details, and a brief introduction from tenants.
The screenshot shows that Yogesh  posted an article about himself in addition to mailing all the required paperwork. Despite this, the home's owner turned him down based on the Marxism taught in the 12th grade. The owner specified that a minimum grade of 90% in class 12 was required, indicating how academic achievement might be crucial in obtaining a rental residence in the metropolis. User has shared that the landlord is a retired IIM professor.It is unjust and discriminatory for the landlord to reject the man's application based only on his grades from his senior year of high school.

Some twitter users have shared reactions and tweets on this surprising incidents
A Twitter user said in response to the viral WhatsApp screenshots, Soon we will have an entrance exam for Bengaluru flats!!
A user commented that You're right, brother. In addition, if you tell your employee that you work for an IT firm, she will charge you 30k per month for the house. If you can somehow convince her that you are not in the IT industry, the price is waived. Up to 9k," said one user. Hey, the owner requested 80,000 a month when he informed me that my cousin was relocating from Canada to Bengaluru for six months of employment.

a private tutor for his child, or is the owner searching for a tenant? A third voice was heard. It's cool!, said a quarter. This is the next step. "Thank God my father built a house for me, because otherwise I wouldn't have one," said the fifth.
Someone said  that “Padhai likhai karo tabhi ghar bana paoge” papa was right.