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Modi is the Boss Australian Leader Gives India Prime Minister a Rock Star Welcome

Author Name : Shivansh Arora     |     Date : 03-06-2023
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On May 23, 2023, Australians greeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi like a rock star. Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, welcomed Modi with broad arms and praised him profusely, referring to him as "the boss."
Over 20,000 people gathered to welcome the two leaders when they met at Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena. In a speech, Albanese complimented Modi for his leadership and his efforts to fortify connections between Australia and India. Albanese remarked, "You have introduced the spirit of the largest democracy in the world to Australia. "You have bolstered our democracy and our shared values," was said.

Additionally, Albanese discussed the significance of Australia and India's collaboration in the Indo-Pacific area. "We are two great democracies," he declared. "Peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region are shared interests of ours." In his reply, Modi thanked Albanese for his cordial hospitality. He also discussed the value of collaboration between Australia and India. "We are two great nations," he declared. "We share a common past and a common future."The two leaders then inked a series of documents, including a trade and investment pact and an agreement on defence cooperation. The Modi reception fit for a rock star in Australia is evidence of India's rising stature in the Indo-Pacific. India is a significant economic force and a developing military force. It is a democracy as well and shares many of Australia's values. The Indo-Pacific region's peace and stability depend on India and Australia's collaboration. The two nations can cooperate to tackle problems like terrorism and climate change. Additionally, they could collaborate to encourage investment and trade.

This visit follows a challenging period for all nations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, through sharing essential medical supplies like vaccines and ventilators, Australia and India have preserved their alliance. The Australian Prime Minister, Morrison, has emphasised this bond and called Modi a close friend. Overall, the Australian Prime Minister's warm greeting and admiration for Modi reflect the strong friendship between the two countries in addition to being heartwarming. It is fascinating to see how Modi's leadership style is regarded and admired by world leaders. Modi is in charge, and his leadership has provided a great model for other newly emerging democracies. Let's hope that the relationship between the two countries serves as an example for others so that they can cooperate for peace, stability, and progress.