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The Kashmir Files A drastic blockbuster

Author Name : Rhythm Sharma     |     Date : 14-06-2023
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Azadi! Azadi! Azadi!
A recent Bollywood film, "The Kashmir Files," has gained attention from viewers all over India and caused waves in the business. The complex and frequently ignored history of the Kashmir war is explored in this hard-hitting film, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, and a compelling narrative that questions stereotypes is presented.
The film was about the genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits, The ambitious goal of "The Kashmir Files" is to bring attention to the unreported tales and lost chapters of the Kashmir war. In-depth examination of political intrigue, human rights abuses, and the situation of Kashmiri Pandits during the volatile late 1980s and early 1990s is provided in this film. It brings to light a story
that has been neglected or buried for decades and serves as a sobering reminder of the atrocities the community has endured.
"The Kashmir Files" has won praise from critics and enthralled fans with its compelling tale, realistic portrayal, and top-notch performances. The film explores the suffering, sorrow, and resiliency of the Kashmiri Pandit population and sends viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. It offers a forum for discussion on the historical background of the conflict and the need for justice and the truth.

This movie is the path way to open the eyes of the people who never understands the truth of Kashmir. The students of some universities who protest for the Kashmiri Separatist like Afzal Guru with the slogan of “Afzal hum sharminda hai tere katil zinda hai” which means that we are ashamed of your death punishment.
The controversial subject of Kashmir and its historical relevance has come up again in discussion because to "The Kashmir Files." The movie challenges preexisting narratives and promotes a greater comprehension of the conflict by bringing light on a neglected chapter. Discussions like human rights, migration, and the value of preserving cultural legacy in the face of difficulty are sparked by this. It also emphasises the importance of compassion, forgiveness, and an inclusive strategy for addressing long-standing difficulties. In my opinion, I think that the movie is a great initiative by the Bollywood to present the truth of Kashmir to all the people. And at last, I want to conclude that Azadi from your own country is treason.
The Kashmir Files | Official Trailer I Anupam I Mithun I Darshan I Pallavi I Vivek I 11 March 2022