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5 Places for The Best Butter Chicken Delhi in 2023

Author Name : Shivansh Arora     |     Date : 13-06-2023
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There is no need to introduce the meal known as butter chicken. This dish, which is adored by foodies everywhere, has certainly elevated Delhi to national prominence. And if you enjoy Butter Chicken, you're in luck since we've put together a list of the top Delhi restaurants where you can savour this wonderful delicacy.

1. Gulati Restaurant
Butter Chicken devotees must visit Gulati Restaurant, which is situated on Pandara Road in New Delhi. They have won a spot on the list of the best Butter Chicken restaurants in Delhi thanks to the creamy and tasty gravy of their Butter Chicken. The old-world ambiance of the establishment enhances the eating experience.
2. Havemore
Delhi's Havemore is a dhaba-style eatery that offers some of the best Mughlai and North Indian food. Anyone who enjoys this dish must try their Butter Chicken, which is among the best in Delhi. You'll want more of the smooth, slightly sweet and spicy gravy.
3. Moti Mahal Delux
Moti Mahal Delux is a renowned eatery that every fan of Butter Chicken must visit because it is the location where Butter Chicken was first created. Their Butter Chicken is made according to the authentic recipe, giving it a special and genuine flavour. The eatery is situated in Delhi's Daryaganj neighbourhood.
4. Punjab Grill
One of Delhi's top places for excellent dining is Punjab Grill, which offers some of the greatest Punjabi and North Indian food. Their Butter Chicken is a crowd favourite because it is crafted with the finest ingredients and cooked to absolute perfection. The restaurant is easily accessible because it has multiple locations throughout Delhi.
5. Karim's
Karim's is a well-known eatery that offers some of Delhi's best Mughlai food and is situated on the bustling Jama Masjid area. For anyone visiting Delhi, their Butter Chicken is a must-try since it is rich, creamy, and tasty. The rustic charm of the establishment enhances the whole dining experience.Delhi is a foodie's delight, and there are countless ways to enjoy Butter Chicken. These are just a few of Delhi's top spots to taste butter chicken.