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Decide what to call them: Housewife or Homemaker?

Author Name : Rhythm Sharma     |     Date : 14-06-2023
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Imagine you are coming from your daily work and the house is complete mess. Scary? Right.
Then why we all never appreciate or values that person of our family who done all those work for us, selflessly, without being paid and sometimes without being appreciated.
Now a days, Modern feminist and activist try to change the so call typical name “Housewife” to a “Homemaker”, and for some reasons it is right because our HOME is made by them, with their love, with their sacrifice. According to my perception, the term housewife refers to the women only but as we know that the house work is not only the responsibility of the women, then why are we using ‘wife’ in our terms.
Does anybody hear any term like ‘Househusband’?
No, because this society always forces the women to be at home for their family. But I think this unconditional love by our homemaker must be valued and therefore this term needs to be changed even from our mind.

  1.    First, we need to understand that the house is not only for women.
  2.    Second, we need to understand their work, and value what they are doing for us selflessly.
  3.    Third, we need to understand that they are making our house into a home with their love, so we must appreciate that.
  4.    Fourth, it is true that they are the strongest support of the family whenever everyone feels that they are backing in their work they care for them.
  5. o  Homemaker also plays an important role in child education and play a significant role in their learning procedure.

If we change our thinking, then there will be a better path for the society because then only all the works will be equally valued and have their own importance in our mind and in our lives.